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Table of Contents

In this lesson, I will be going over how to find & fix uncategorized WordPress posts. Uncategorized posts are bad for the user experience.  We want to assign each blog post a category. It lets the user and the search engines know that a blog post belongs in a certain category.

Once you are in your dashboard, go to posts on the left sidebar.

You should be able to now see all of your blog posts.

To filter the ones without a category, go to the top bar and click the dropdown next to categories. This organizes them A-Z or  Z-A.

Look for the ones that say uncategorized. 

If you don’t have access to the backend of a website, to filter for uncategorized posts type this into google: site: uncategorized 

This will show all the uncategorized posts.

Now to fix the uncategorized post, click edit on the blog post. On the bottom right sidebar, there should be a section labeled categories. 

Select a category or add a new one. Click update on the top right.

If you would like to watch a YouTube video on the process, check it out below.

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