What Pages Should a Website Have

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Table of Contents

In this blog post, I will be going over pages every website needs. Whether you are a small business or a large blog, every website needs these pages. They help with the user experience and SEO.

If you do not currently have these pages on a website, take time and go make them. They do not have to be perfect your first time creating them. 

About Us

Let users or potential customers know a little more about your brand. Your about us page should showcase information that isn’t represented on the home page and throughout the site. 

Contact Us

There has to be a way to contact you. Having an email or phone number on the site isn’t enough. On top of that, once you set up a contact page, you can start tracking conversions on Google Analytics. This way you can see if any marketing campaigns are working.


Users are going to have questions. Everyone does. Building out a Frequently Asked Questions page will help answer them.

Press Page

This is a great way to show your brand in a spotlight. If you don’t have any mentions in the press, you need to start some outreach. This along with testimonials & reviews help sell potential customers on your brand.

Testimonials / Reviews

Having reviews and testimonials on your website is the biggest selling point for potential customers. If you don’t have any, come up with a plan to start collecting them. Start with your friends and family and then move on to customers. You might have to incentivize with a coupon or a small free gift.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Every website needs these legal pages. Make sure you protect yourself and get one made by a lawyer or on a generator online.

The YouTube video going over everything is down below.

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