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Table of Contents

When setting up a SEO site structure its important to build your website out for both users and the search engine. This way you can optimize the user experience and improve the visibility of a website through the search engines.

In this article, I will be taking you step by step the process I use to optimize a website site structure. If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading text, scroll to the bottom to check out the video I created on YouTube.

Service Pages

When building out service pages you want to follow a specific URL structure. The one I like to use is

For example. if you have a dentist site and the domain was

Another example

The reason why we include the /services in the URL is to let both the search engine and user know that these pages are services and belong to the service category.

Location Pages

When you build out multiple location pages, you also want to follow a specific url structure like above.

This time, instead of services, you use locations.

I’ll be showing two examples of locations, let’s use Clearwater & St. Pete

Another Example

Blog Posts

You can use the same strategy as above with the blog posts using the /blog permalink, or you can use the specific category instead. It just depends on your website and the direction you want things to go.

Here is the YouTube video if you want to watch the video.

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