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If you are in search of a way to grow your plumbing business and can’t seem to figure out what to do next, you may want to consider investing in plumber SEO for your company website. If you haven’t yet invested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this may be why you aren’t seeing your traffic grow. In today’s internet-focused world, SEO has become a necessity for many companies, especially those in the plumbing business.  

More plumbing companies have started investing in SEO services. These are the companies that you will see listed at the top of search result pages when looking for local plumbing services. Because of this type of competition, outranking them has become much more difficult because of their increased SEO efforts. If you are lacking in the SEO department, it may be time to turn to a professional SEO company to help you gain more attention and engagement from potential customers. 

What is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is an online marketing term that refers to the way Google ranks your website amongst others on their search engine results pages. One of the methods used for SEO is keywords, which are specific words or terms that online users type into the search results page to find what they are looking for.

 Incorporating keywords that are more commonly searched for into your plumber SEO content can help to increase your rankings on search engines such as Google. Let’s look at what SEO really means and what you should be doing to be successful with it as a plumbing business. 

Plumber SEO for Beginners

While SEO can help to increase your online presence and overall brand awareness, it’s important to recognize that SEO results don’t just happen overnight. It takes time, dedication and effort to make the results show for you. Let’s look at how you can get the most out of your SEO efforts. 

The most important part of any effective SEO strategy is to ensure you have high-quality content on your website. Quality content will help you to provide any visitors and potential customers with the right information to make an informed choice about your services and company. How can you do this?  First, you want to look at the services and products your plumbing company offers. Consider some questions that current customers or potential customers before they had asked you when inquiring about your company. Some of these questions may include:

  • Do you offer emergency plumbing services?
  • What brands of products you use?
  • How much does {insert service} cost?

Potential customers often ask questions about your company because this allows them to gain a better understanding of what you have to offer and how well your company is suited for the work they need to be completed. This also allows them to gain some more information about your company so that they can make an informed comparison of your competitors so that they can make the best possible decision. 

When the content on a website has answers to the questions they are asking, the more willing they are to offer to business with your company. A good idea when optimizing your website by using plumber SEO is to include an FAQ page with all these commonly asked questions and their answers. That way if there is something specific that someone is searching for, they can find it easy right on the appropriate FAQ page. 

How Search Engines Find Your Website

SEO doesn’t stop right there. It’s more than just optimizing your page to look great and stick out amongst the masses. When potential customers search for a local plumber in your area, you want your website to be one of the first ones that come up for them. 

To make this happen, search engines need to be able to crawl easily and do a review and index of your website. SEO professionals understand how to do just this especially in a challenging and demanding market of plumber SEO. They know how to improve the speed of your website, create a much more user-friendly navigation menu and even develop a more structured sitemap. All these pieces work together to increase your organic traffic and your search engine rankings. 

Check Out the Competition 

Taking time to research your competition can really help to skyrocket your plumber SEO efforts. Reviewing their website for SEO will allow you to gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Don’t’ forget to check out their online presence both on their website and their social media pages to look at how they interact with customers and what customers think of them. This can help you to gain some valuable insight on what you should try to implement into your social media and plumber SEO strategy. 

Checking out the competition from time to time allows you to take stock and review what you are doing for your own business. It gives you a bigger picture look at what you should be modeling some efforts after and which efforts may not work best. 

Yelp and Plumber SEO

When you go to search for a service provider in your area, where do you usually turn to? The answer is probably a search engine and reviews. This is where most people get recommendations on companies in their region that may be able to offer them the service they are searching for. Websites such as Yelp offer an online directory of services and reviews of the companies. This is a great site for anyone using a service provider locally to turn to find out how these companies have done business in the past. 

Yelp is one of the services that offers a large directly and a mobile application to help consumers create and list reviews from businesses they’ve used in the past. Many positive reviews on here can help to push your website up in the rankings. Therefore, your Yelp page should be optimized to help it stand out among all the other competitors. To do this you should do the following:

  • Completely fill out your profile with all relevant info
  • Encourage reviews from previous customers
  • Respond to any review you receive good or bad
  • Offer discounts to potential customers

Google My Business for Plumber SEO

Kick up your plumber SEO efforts with Google my Business (GMB). GMB is a website that allows Google to manage and track how well your business is performing online within their search engine. It’s a vital tool for today’s businesses who are looking to rank higher and gain an increase in their organic traffic. You can utilize other tools like Maps and Google + within Google My Business for added results. It is now considered to be one of the bigger players in driving local plumber SEO success for plumbing businesses. 

How Does GMB Work for Plumber SEO?

The first step in getting Google My Business set up is to create a new account and ensure you have filled in all the details to claim your business officially. Google will then send you a business card to help show proof you are the business owner. 

When your business is verified you can then fill in any necessary information to check and see how your GMB listing is performing. You will also gain access to regular insights to review your website statistics and see how many subscribers your listing has as well as how many clicks it is receiving. It’s a good way to review and see how well your business is liked and performing online by current customers and potential customers. 

It’s important to remember that GMB isn’t a one-stop-shop for all your plumber SEO needs. It is merely a tool to help you achieve SEO success when combined with other tools. 

How Does GMB Help to Rank Your Website?

GMB uses a few different methods to figure out website rankings for businesses online. These include:

  • Prominence: prominence deals with the activity associated with your listing. This activity could be reviews, local content or events nearby. Keeping your profile updated with new photos and content will also help on the prominence of your listing. 
  • Relevance: relevance is a determination on how well your business is fitting into the search criteria and intent from potential customers. In terms of your focus, does it align with what the customer really needs are you trying to stay vague on what your business really does? Being vague won’t work, it won’t help you achieve the rank you are striving for. 
  • Distance: distances helps to rank local businesses. While you can say you are in one region, that is great, but it also helps to provide proof that you are located thereby showing local content focused around this region within your website. This type of information will help Google in ranking you higher within a local search for plumbers in your region. 
Creating Citations

Having local citations is another great way to improve an increase in your overall rankings for search engines. You will want to have your business listed on online directories like the ones listed above. Getting all the relevant information on these listings such as an address, and phone number will help to create a local citation for plumber SEO purposes. 

Keywords and How they Play a Vital Role in Plumber SEO

Keywords are yet another tool you have at your disposal when it comes to plumber SEO. All research online whether it’s for a service or product typically starts with a question or a search. Using relevant keywords in your online content on your plumbing website can help with your SEO efforts and contribute to the success of your online presence. 

Targeted Keywords

Targeted based keywords for plumber SEO has the potential to help generate traffic. You can start by researching what types of targeted keywords you can use within your content. Remember, the visitors to your website want relevant content when they make their first visit to your page. They don’t want to be swindled into thinking your company has something they are looking for but only come to find out there is nothing relevant on the page when they get there. Gathering a list of keywords that pertain to your business to help not only increase the traffic to your website but also the credibility of it. 

Geo-Targeted Keywords

Plumbing services is one business that thrives on local customers. Using Geo-targeted keywords is one way you can optimize your website to attract customers within your local region. It’s been noted that geo-targeted keywords are easier to rank when compared to traditional keywords because they have much less competition than the others. You can create content around geo-targeted keywords to attract more local attention which allows you to rank higher in the search results because of the lower competition field. 

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Having a fully optimized website for SEO purposes can really make or break your plumbing business. You’d be surprised how many local businesses do not take advantage of the online market and are missing out on a huge audience and potential business. There are two parts to any SEO strategy, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Both play an important role in gaining and increasing your traffic and rankings. On-page techniques include things like headings, images, title tags, met description and more. These techniques also can help to increase your rankings by optimizing your website properly for the changes in the Google algorithm. 

Off-page, SEO includes things such as strategies to improve your rankings beyond site structure. These include your social media presence, blog articles, linking, forums and more. 

Social Media Presence Online

Having a valid social media standing is another vital step in plumber SEO success. You can connect with many potential customers via social media pages like LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, and Facebook. When companies are present online on social media pages and interacting with their customers by responding to questions and their needs, it shows how involved you are with your business, creating a better online presence for new and potential customers.

These types of conversations with visitors can help to provide information instantly instead of having them search or research for it or just wait until you are open for these questions to be answered. This will help you to gain more engagement amongst visitors to your website and social media pages, allowing Google’s algorithm to notice how active your pages are and how much interaction there is with customers and online visitors. Including things like relevant hashtags into your conversations can also help to increase your engagement. 

Businesses who interact with their customers online in a friendly manner help to develop an online relationship with their audience. This is important to the success of not only your SEO but also your business. Keeping customers happy can help to increase the traffic to your website and create new, long-standing customers down the road. Word of mouth has always been a great marketing tool. When used in collaboration with other online efforts you can really see your SEO efforts skyrocket. 

Plumber SEO Conclusion

Plumber SEO may seem like a complex and challenging subject, but when you know more about how SEO works and what tools you should be using, it really isn’t. Developing a proper search engine optimization plan or strategy is the first step to plumber SEO success. Gaining more knowledge in the subject can help you to learn what tools and methods work best.

 While you can do your own plumber SEO on your own, it’s important to at least contact an SEO specialist or professional company to see what types of services they offer. While setting up your SEO plan and implementing it is the very first step, it isn’t all that is needed. There are many other steps that come into play to keep an SEO strategy successful long-term. 

SEO management is another important step when it comes to creating a proper SEO plan and fully implementing it for the long term and future success. Google’s algorithm that SEO is based around is constantly changing. IT is never the same. Which means changing things in your SEO plan and making sure to implement these new changes is a must when it comes to ensuring your website stays up in the top within the search engine rankings.

 An SEO professional can help to show you which services you need and which they can help with. While SEO does take some time, energy and money invested in it upfront, it offers a higher rate of return in the future. It’s not something that produces results overnight. If you are going into your SEO plan thinking the results will happen immediately, you will be disappointed. Instead, it takes time to develop and implement the plan as well as maintain it for future success. 

Are you Ready to take your business to the top of search results?