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Table of Contents

If you are an HVAC business owner, you already probably are known for wearing many hats within your company. From being an office manager to your very own contractor. You may have even taken your marketing efforts by the horns and have attempted to tackle these on your own.

When it comes to HVAC SEO, sometimes trying to take control and lead the way can be downright challenging. It’s understandable, SEO has many working parts, which is why checking with an SEO professional may be the best solution for your business needs. 

What is SEO?

So, you’ve probably heard some words like digital marketing, content, keywords, etc. But how familiar are you with the term SEO? SEO, Search Engine Optimization, focuses most on helping your HVAC website increase in the search result rankings. Why is this important? No one relies solely on the printed phone book anymore to find HVAC professionals. 

Instead, the first place they turn to is Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another search engine. These search engines won’t really know if your business is a good fit for consumer searches unless you tell them. This is where using HVAC SEO will come in handy. Your website needs to be optimized for the search engines so that they take notice. 

Users online every single day are doing internet searches looking for information about their heating and cooling needs. Some may be searching for how to repair their products, who can repair them, or what is wrong with them. While others may be specifically searching for companies where they live like an HVAC Specialist. 

If you don’t have a properly optimized website optimized for HVAC SEO you won’t show up within the top search results. While that might not seem like a bad thing, it really is a huge problem. This means you are losing out from a large potential audience of customers. Having a solid plan of action when it comes to your HVAC SEO strategy can help ensure you gain traction, your brand awareness increases, people know who you are and most importantly they are able to find you when they do an internet search.

HVAC Keywords

Keywords are terms or phrases that consumers use to search for the products, services or businesses they are looking for. Some common HVAC SEO keywords include:

  • HVAC
  • HVAC Company
  • Air conditioning 
  • Air conditioning installation
  • HVAC repair
  • Local HVAC business
  • Repair air conditioning
  • Etc.…

Before you determine the types of keywords to use, you will want to have a brainstorming session with your SEO professional to figure out exactly what types of products and services your HVAC business offers. This will help you to develop a list of potential keywords. 

With these keywords on hand, an SEO professional can then move forward to the next step, keyword research. This is where they will look at the keywords you’ve compiled and check to see how common/ popular these search terms are. This allows you to gain a better idea of the types of terms/ keywords that will gain you the biggest increase in traffic and online visibility. 


Unless you are a large corporation with brick and mortar businesses all around the globe, you will want to invest in Local HVAC SEO. Locale SEO consists of using your locale region keywords such as your city, state, etc. Localizing your search terms can help to increase traffic from local consumers looking for HVAC services. 

Localization includes things such as your business address, phone number, email contacts, names of employees or owners, etc. Anything that allows consumers to easily reach you and find where you are locally located is vital. Local customers when searching for HVAC and your city or state should be able to find you right away if your website is properly optimized. These are the results you want, you want to be able to reach this audience.

HVAC SEO Factors

Before the search engines will recommend your business’s website to consumers via their search engine results. These other factors may include:

  • How well your website is performing: This could be the speed on which it loads, or even if your links are currently working?
  • Does your business website currently have enough information/ content that allows you to showcase your credibility within the HVAC industry?
  • How easy is your site when it comes to navigation?  When you read through the content on your website, how well does it read? How easy is for users to find information they may be looking for on your website?

Effective HVAC SEO

SEO is confusing enough for a beginner, but when you combine it with other avenues such as social media, etc., it can be downright challenging. This is where an SEO Professional can help. They can guide you through the process of conducting the proper HVAC SEO on your website. Such steps may include:

Keyword Research

When you first start to optimize your website, you will want to find phrases and keywords as we’ve discussed above that potential customers may be searching for. Once you have this list of keywords, you can use these terms on your website so that those searching for them can find what they need.

If you are not familiar with keyword research here’s what you’ll want to know to get you started:

Google offers tools to help check out keywords including Google AdWords. Even if you are not interested in using AdWords to run ads on your website you can still use it to find out more about the keywords you are thinking about using. By entering in a few words or phrases on the website you can see their monthly search volume which allows you to see how often each month they are searched for. 

Optimize Webpages 

There are a few different types of potential users that will visit your website. These users include

Those looking for your business specifically. They are interested in only finding you not any other competitors out there. They want to know more information about what your company provides such as your address, services, hours of operation and more. They won’t have difficulty finding you if your website is properly optimized.

Others looking will be those just searching for HVAC services in the local area. They won’t be looking for you specifically, but just general companies located locally. They will be interested in looking at the services you offer, as well as your prices. These competitors will be checking out others locally so it’s important to make sure you offer detailed information about what you are the best company for them to go to. 

You should make sure you optimize your website with HVAC SEO for each of these two different types of consumers. Unique keywords for each can help you to attract the consumers you are looking to attract as well as others out there.

Create Engaging Content

Content is still king online. It’s effective and you can tell because upwards of almost 80% of businesses use content marketing online to increase their traffic, rankings, and revenue. Don’t let the idea of content scare you away. When you think of content you may be thinking mainly about blogs, that is because blogs can be a great, quick and easy way to generate content and traffic. They work great, but they shouldn’t be the only content you are focusing on. 

Creating content will help you generate online visibility and increase your traffic, but that’s not all it will do.

  • Helps you to become a credible authority in the industry
  • Provides a voice for your brand
  • Gives web visitors information they are searching for

Other than blogging you will want to create additional content that is related to your services. Try writing some how-to-guides to showcase the wealth of knowledge you offer in the HVAC field.

HVAC SEO Conclusion

While you may think tackling your own HVAC SEO is the way to go, remember there are many working parts to a solid and successful SEO Strategy. At least speaking with an SEO Professional that understands the HVAC industry can help give you a better idea of what all is needed, what needs to be done NOW and what types of services need to be completed on an ongoing basis for maintenance. 

While SEO may start with some keywords on a page to optimize for higher rankings, Google’s algorithms are constantly changing on what companies need to make sure they follow to stay in those top rankings. Because of this, you will want to ensure you have ongoing maintenance such as an SEO audit.

 An SEO audit can help to review your site for any issues such as irrelevant content, broken links, lack of content, etc. that is keeping you from ranking higher in the search engine results. Getting your name out there by getting in these results is the first step in a successful HVAC SEO plan. Maintaining this high standing and name is the final step. 

Are you Ready to take your business to the top of search results?