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How would you like us to hold you by the hand as you Launch your First (or next) Sales Funnel!

Table of Contents

In this blog post, I’m going over ten different ways you can get SEO clients. Whether you’re brand new to SEO or you have lots of clients already, each of these ways are gonna open up new doors and opportunities for you to get clients. 

Chamber of Commerce

The first thing I look at when getting new clients is working with the Chamber of Commerce. There are multiple ways for you to capitalize with the chamber. You can network and talk with other business owners at events. You can go out there and build the chamber a new site to showcase your web design and SEO skills. You can audit a few different members websites and go over them at meetings or showcase them the results of the audit.  There’s endless opportunities. On top of that members have a lot of business friends that they can refer you to. So for these reasons, the number one place I would recommend to get clients is your local chamber of commerce. 

Business Networking Events

The 2nd best way to get clients is to attend different business networking events. Your city should have many different networking groups. Show up to them and start shaking some hands. Go out and meet different people at these events. Don’t just hand out your business card and walk away. Have some meaningful conversations where they will remember you and can distinguish you from all the other conversations they had. Get to know their business models and as a person. It’s easier to sell to them later on.

Freelance Websites

My third favorite way to get clients is through freelance websites. Whether it’s Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, People Per Hour or another site, there are potential clients out there that are looking for SEO services. Now one major caveat about freelancing is that there are some really low paying jobs. Sometimes you are looking at 10-20 an hour for some basic SEO work. There are some higher paying jobs (30+ an hour) but they are much more difficult to get. So whether you want to build backlinks, conduct audits or find keywords, there are people out there that need services done for their website or a clients site. Go out there and get it done. After that one off is complete you might be able to convert them into a full seo client. Send them over a proposal & talk to them.

Friends & Family

The next way is a bit old fashioned, but talk to your friends and family. You should have a large friend group and hopefully extended family. Odds are someone knows a business owner or you might have a potential entrepreneurs in your family you don’t know about. One of your friends parents may own a small business or they might have a mutual friend that does. Let them know that you have an SEO business and you want to drive results to other people’s businesses.You would want to work on their websites and get them more leads. Just telling people that you know that you’re driven & motivated should land you a few clients.

Cold Calling

Start by prospecting a list of potential customers. From there decide who you need to contact. Start dialing the phone until you can talk to a business owner.

Cold calling sucks, but it’s going to help you land clients and get better with sales. 

Cold Email

Just like cold calling, you need to have a list of potential prospects. Craft a few different emails, split test, and go and email businesses. If you aren’t getting results, you need to either change who you are emailing or the message that is being sent.

Talk to Businesses In Person

Showing up in person vs emailing or cold calling is a much higher investment, it shows you are willing to go the extra mile. 

Do your research before going in, and expect a NO or the owner isn’t currently here at the moment. 

Partner With a Web Design Agency

The next way to get clients is to partner with a local web design agency. If they aren’t doing SEO they have all these different websites that have the need to get SEO. Your goal should be to work with them on their website first before asking or working with them on their clients. Build the connection, get results, and set up some type of white label deal with them. Everyone wins in this scenario and you now have an ample amount of leads without doing much work.

Trade Shows & Conferences

The next method to use is going to a trade show or conference.  Going to trade shows allows you to see a lot of different businesses. They all have products on display and the people working the booth there are either the Owner, CEO, or some other type of marketer that works with the company. The smaller the company, the more likely it is the owner shows up.  You might be able to do some research beforehand on the tradeshows website or listing. So before you end up going to the show, know who you want to talk to and what you would like to bring up in conversation. Run an audit or do some entry level keyword research.

Online Forums

The last way to get clients is checking online forums. 

and oh yeah the last one on this list is drawing on online. Business owners might have questions about the website or SEO in general. Whether it’s Yahoo Answers, Quora or google forums, people are going to be having questions about their website. “hey my rankings went down what happened” or “how do I set up Google Analytics”. Questions like those are asked daily. Spend some time to do some research and answer those questions. You never know what the budget of these businesses are and on top of that you can start building your authority on all these different sites. Once you’re the expert on a site, people will want to go to the expert for services

Anyways that’s 10 different ways to get SEO clients. Try all 10 methods and see what method works best for you. You’ll find a few methods you enjoy and a few that you hate. Now go out there and sign some clients. 

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