How to Become an Seo Expert

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Table of Contents

Are you wanting to become an SEO specialist? A few years ago I did. I just had graduated high school, and I had recently discovered what SEO was. Coming with a web design background, I was interested in this new industry. Fast forward 4 years later, I’m making SEO videos, ranking websites and working with clients to help their agencies grow. Ye I learned quite a bit the past few years.

Anyways, without rambling too much, here is what you need to do to become an SEO Expert. This is what I did the past few years to gain all of the SEO knowledge I have today.

Start Building An Affiliate Site or Blog

Out of all the tips, this one is the most important. The best way to learn SEO is to go hands on with a website. When you invest in your own website, if you are motivated, you are going to go out of the way to figure out why it’s not ranking, why it got penalized, or why it’s not converting.

When I first started, I was foolish and built 3 different affiliate sites. I wanted to SCALE before I even knew the basics of SEO. I was an idiot. I ended up losing over $3000 on the the three websites. Content is expensive, software is expensive, and so is your time. Don’t waste your time.

So here’s the thing, you need to focus on One and only ONE website at a time. 

Put all of your energy and focus into it.

If you can’t afford a content writer, write the content yourself. 

If you can’t afford different SEO software, outsource the work or find a friend in the industry who will let you borrow off of them.

Don’t make excuses to not start building your site. You can learn all the fundamentals from YouTube, blogs, and reddit. But until you can implement them on a website, it means nothing.

Also, this might be a bit harsh, but this site is going to fail. You will lose money and or a lot of time.

It’s ok though, you’ll rebound and build something better in the future.

Work For Free or For a Reduced Cost

So I worked for two different SEO Experts before doing my own stuff. When I first started learning SEO, I worked with Dino Gomez on an affiliate website. 

While that affiliate website ended up failing, I learned so much from that project. It jumped started my process into SEO research and affiliate marketing.

A year after that, I worked with Chase Reiner. I was his right hand man in all the operations of his business. Helped build and teach a SEO course along with working with multiple clients who got over 100,000 monthly traffic. Again, I learned so much the two years working with Chase.

So besides working for SEO Experts, you can also work with an agency or a local business.

With an agency, see if they are offering any internships. You work for free or a reduced cost, but you might have a job offer at the end. If you don’t, hey you learned how an agency operates and you learned quite a bit about SEO.

With a local business, offer to do all their SEO for free until they rank on the first page. If they rank on the first page, let them know that you need to get paid for your work.

It’s a win win situation as they only pay for results, and you learn the process.

Read SEO Blogs

Reading SEO blogs is the best way to stay up to date with the ever changing industry. If you don’t continue to read the blogs, you will be left behind.

While learning SEO, these were some of my favorite blogs

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Journal




Search Engine Roundtable

The more you read, the more knowledge you have.

Check out SEO Subreddits

I used to read r/seo and r/bigseo daily. On here you will often see people asking questions, AMAs, and people posting research and case studies. All of this will help you become familiar with the industry.

Watch SEO YouTubers

While this isn’t a replacement for the blogs, watching SEO videos on YouTube can help you learn how to implement different SEO techniques along with give you some up to date SEO information.

Some of the YouTubers I recommend you watch are the following:

Chase Reiner

Ruan Marinho

Income School


ZD Creative

Go to a SEO Conference (Not Mentioned in the Video)

So I forgot to mention this in the video, but going to a SEO conference can help you a lot. There are networking opportunities, tutorials/presentations, and a community of people who are all interested in SEO.

When I went to my first SEO conference, I got a job offer from Chase.

Final Thoughts

Go out there and start learning SEO. There are unlimited resources available for you to use. No excuses.

If you would rather watch a video instead of reading this post, check out the video I created down below.

Are you Ready to take your business to the top of search results?