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Table of Contents

In this article, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about SEO as a beginner.

Now when I first started SEO I was confused with all the different technical jargon and all the kind of things that are out there. So to help you overcome this pitfall, I’ll outline the essentials. As you get more experienced with SEO, you can then expand your knowledge in the industry.

Titles & Meta Descriptions

When you search for a term on google, the text on the top is the title and the few sentences underneath is the meta description. Plugins like Yoast & Rank Math allow for a user to write custom title & meta descriptions for their pages.

Let’s say for example, I’m searching for the Boston Marathon. 

Boston Athletic Association: Home – This is the title.

Boston Athletic Association … Boston Marathon Principal Sponsor…. Through the – This is the meta description

Rewriting the title & meta for users to click on your results is called optimizing for click through rate or as many SEOs call it CTR.

If you are on the first page, you need to aim for about a 2 to 3%, but that really depends on what position you are ranking in.

Heading Tags

Each webpage has heading tags ranging from h1 to h6. H1 being the most important whereas h6 is the least important.

You want to only use 1 h1 tag per page as it lets Google know what you want to rank the page for. It’s also super important to throw in some h2-h4 tags if the content allows it. 

Other tags you are allowed to use multiple times. 

Backlinks & Innerlinks

A backlink is when a different website links to your website.

An innerlink is when you link to another page on your website.

Both are important for building the authority of a webpage and a website.

Page Speed Optimization

When working with a website, you want to optimize its loading speed to under 3 seconds. Anything above that, users tend to start bouncing.

Mobile Friendly & Up To Date Design

Make sure your website is both mobile friendly and aesthetically pleasing. If it’s not, users will bounce and they will not convert on your website. Even with the best SEO efforts, you won’t be getting a lot of conversions. 

Anyways, that’s everything you need to know about SEO as a beginner. If you want to learn more, watch the video based on this post. The main points of this article are explained in further detail.

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