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Table of Contents

In this tutorial, I will be going over Ahrefs Content Gap Analysis tool. This is a great way to see what’s lacking on your websites articles or service pages.

Adding more content and improving the quality of your page is important for keeping and improving rankings longterm.

So for an example on how to use this tool, I will be using the search query How To Run a Marathon.

So I first go to google and grab some of the top results.

I’m going to use the Runners World article as the one to base off of the content gaps.

Grab the URL and put it under site explorer.

After that go to content gap analysis.

Under the section show keywords that the below targets rank for, add the URLs of the other sites. 

Click on show keywords.

Ahrefs will show all the keywords that the other websites articles rank for that the Runners World article doesn’t.

You can filter these keywords by Volume or Difficulty to see what’s best to add to the article. It also shows where the competitor sites are currently ranking.

In this example you can see that the runners world article isn’t ranking for marathon training. That search term gets over 9300 searches a month. 

You would want to add a section to the runners world article talking about the specific training involved. Make the marathon training term an h2 or h3 and add a paragraph or 2 below about it.

And that’s it. Pretty simple to use overall. 

Check out the Youtube video down below for a visual representation for this article.

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