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Table of Contents

In this tutorial, we will be going over Ahrefs SEO competitor analysis. This is an important step for every SEO strategy as it’s important to know where your competitors stand and what direction they are heading in. 

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Anyways, for the tutorial, I’m breaking it down into the different sections you need to take a look at. For this example, I’m going to pretend runners world is a competitor of ours (I’m a Marathon runner who frequents this website). We will be analyzing it as if I owned an Ultra Marathon blog and wanted to compete with runners world.


UR stands for URL rating while DR stands for Domain rating. Both refer to the backlinks a URL or Domain has as well as the age of the site.

Having a higher UR & DR tends to correlate with higher ranking positions. 


This shows you the amount of backlinks a website has. Clicking on the number takes you to a page in which you can see all the individual links. Here you will be able to see the page they point to along with how powerful the link is & the anchor text associated with it.

Organic Keywords

This is how many different keywords a website ranks for. There is a high correlation between the Organic Keywords & the traffic a website gets. On top of that, the more organic keywords a website has, the more content a site is producing.

Organic Traffic

This is the estimated traffic that Ahrefs predicts based off of the organic keywords rankings. Ahrefs says that to get the real estimated traffic a website gets, multiply this number by 2 or 3. This counts for random clicks, 2nd and 3rd page clicks and the different CTR depending on optimizations made.

Traffic Value

This is the estimated value of the keywords from the perspective of the CPC. For a SEO audit, it really isn’t used, but marketers who use Google Ads will take note of this feature.

Top Pages

Here you can find what pages bring in the most estimated pages to the website. This is a great way to start figuring out what content to produce first.

Best By Links

This section will tell you what pages get the most backlinks. It’s a good way to see what content you can build so that people link to your website.

Here is a YouTube video explaining everything.

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