Check For Duplicate Content

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Table of Contents

In this tutorial, I will be going over how to check a website for duplicate content. For this process, I tend to use siteliner. Siteliner is free for smaller websites, but as you scale or work with larger sites, it charges you by the URL.

So to start checking for duplicate content, go to

Enter in the domain for your site and then click go.

Siteliner is now scanning your website. Once the scan is complete, It’ll spit out a report outlining your websites pages, duplicate content, broken links, and more.

All we care about is the duplicate content. On the left hand sidebar, click the duplicate content tab. 

Here you can see the different pages with stats based around the duplicate content. It shows match words, match percentage, and match pages.

If you clikc on a page with a lot of duplicate content, siteliner will open up the page and highlight all the areas with the duplicate content.

You can be the judge at this point if the content needs to be rewritten or if its standard text that is copied over page to page.

Here is a YouTube Video going over the entire process.

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