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How would you like us to hold you by the hand as you Launch your First (or next) Sales Funnel!

Table of Contents

In this lesson, I am going over how to spot bad backlinks. If you see these on your website, you need to disavow them. They can negatively impact your websites rankings.

So the first thing I do is go to site explorer and input the URL of the website. After that go to the backlinks section. 

Now that you are in the section, sort the results by DR. You want to have it going from low to high. 

Start checking the first links. You are looking for links that are not related (typically poker or porn websites), top ranking websites (Says what position a website is), and foreign sites(typically Chinese, Arabic, Indian, or Russian).

Start putting these links in  a notepad. Once you go through all the backlinks you will be able to upload the notepad document to the Google Disavow tool.

And  that’s it. Pretty easy overall.

Down below is a YouTube video to  step you through the process.

Are you Ready to take your business to the top of search results?