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The business of automotive repair professionals is a highly competitive one. You specialize in working to keep someone’s vehicle running in tip-top shape. You also work diligently to help ensure they get their car or truck back the way they had it before an accident occurred.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the technique used to help increase your website’s overall ranking within the search engines. Those listed in the top five search engine results typically get more traffic which increases their potential for new and reoccurring customers.

When users search for something on a search engine they are given a list of results that are related to their search terms. The higher the ranking of a website, the better the chance that a user is going to click on their website. SEO helps to make your website much more accessible and improve the chance that a search engine will find you.

Why Should You Use SEO?

SEO is beneficial for auto repair businesses as it provides you with the ability to increase the awareness of your business both locally and online. Local auto repair SEO can help by increasing what is referred to marketers as your online visibility. Online visibility is your position or ranking within a list of search results. 

While many people may believe that just creating a website is all you need to do to make your business more visible this is unfortunately not true.  It is more complicated in that it takes optimizing your website for the search engine algorithms, so they are more likely to find it when they send their web crawlers out searching for the most relevant websites. 

What Are Search Engines Looking For? 

Search engines are scanning all the time for what is referred to as keywords. These are words or short phrases that users put into the search engine when conducting a search. The placement of your keywords within your content is much more important than the number of keywords you have placed. Using keywords within your description, title tag, headings, metadata, and even the image text can help optimize the structure of your website so that it’s more attractive to the search engines. 

Answers When The Users Need Them

Search engines help to answer questions for users. When they perform their search, the search engine reviews literally millions of documents/ pages of data to return the most relevant websites. The early days of search engines were rather quite simple in their return of the results. However, now, engineers have used countless numbers of man-hours to enhance how search engines determine which websites are most relevant. Hundreds of different factors influence the relevance of a website. 

Build Your Website for People Not Search Engines

All this talk of search engine optimization may have you a bit confused. Are we building our website more for the users that search on these search engines, or are we building it for the search engines themselves? The short answer is always PEOPLE! Let’s look more at how users search, and this may help you understand what we’re talking about.

Types of Queries / Searches

Users Search for Typically three types of search queries. These include:

Go Queries: Navigation questions such as I want to travel to (Insert place)

Know Queries: These are informational queries. Users typically search these queries because they need to know certain information. The name of a restaurant, the type of product they are looking for, etc.

Do Queries: These are referred to as transactional questions. Meaning users are usually wanting to do something like find a service, buy a product, etc. The primary goal of all search engines is to make sure the results listed are relevant to their users. You should always ask yourself when marketing your website and building it if your target audience will find exactly what they are looking for when they navigate to your website. Ensure you are making your site fit all the requirements that your target group is looking for. 

The most important part of a good auto repair SEO plan is to make sure you make your website as easy to understand as possible for not only the users out there searching but also the search engines. While search engines have rapidly changed and become more sophisticated in the way they look for relevant websites, they still don’t have the ability to read a website and see if for what the value it has on it like a human is able to. This is where SEO helps. SEO can help the search engines determine what the value of each webpage is and why it may be useful for the users out there searching. 

SEO Updates Constantly

In the early beginnings of SEO, there were a few things necessary for your website to be fully optimized. Now, however, there are hundreds of different factors that come into play to determine if your website is optimized for the search engines. 

Not only do the major search engines have current regulations and standards set forth for what is deemed relevant, but these regulations and standards are constantly changing. The algorithms the search engines use to determine relevancy update quite frequently. Therefore, SEO and search engine marketing will continue to remain a vital aspect of any online business. 

Keywords and How You Should Use Them

You’ve probably heard of keywords and might even know what they are and what they are used for. But these little important keys to SEO are much more vital than many people imagine. Keywords are the fundamental building blocks to a quality auto repair SEO plan. 

They are the pieces of information the crawlers that search engines put out to search for relevant websites look for. If you are wanting your website to have a better chance of rating higher in the search engine rankings, you want to make sure you are dominating your keywords and ensuring that they are the best possible ones for your industry. 

Search engines use keywords to measure just how relevant websites truly are. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when first starting out with their SEO plan is to have a lack of keywords or too many keywords. Overly using keywords can backfire on you. This is because the major search engines refer to this method as keyword stuffing and will ban your website entirely for shady or Black Hat SEO practices. 

Instead of looking at your company and the services you offer can help to provide you with a general list of keywords that should do well on your website. Consider the different cleaning services you provide, if you offer residential or just business only cleaning services, and the types of products you use to complete these services. 

Competition Review

One thing that many people forget to do that hurts their SEO efforts is to check out their competition and see what they are doing in terms of their auto repair SEO plan/ campaign. You can get a general idea of who the top competitors are in your industry by doing a quick search engine search yourself. Pay particularly close attention to the companies in the top 5 search engine results. These are the big players in the industry that you will be competing against.

 Look at the various types of keywords they are using, what type of content they are publishing, how often this content is published and more. All this information can help to provide you with some great insight into what you should do/ work on in terms of your auto repair SEO camping and plan. 

Auto Repair SEO Conclusion

Don’t let the idea of search engine optimization scare you away. It can seem overwhelming and challenging in the beginning, that is why if you are unfamiliar with any parts of SEO, you should contact a professional service to help you get the information on your website and started as quick as possible. From here you can discuss with these professionals how much maintenance is needed to ensure your website stays up to date with all the newest changes to the search engine algorithms. 

You don’t want to invest time and money into something that you won’t keep updated on a frequent basis. Because once the algorithms change the way the crawlers search the internet, any SEO techniques you have put into effect prior won’t yield the same type of results as the others. 

Are you Ready to take your business to the top of search results?