Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research

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In this post we’re going over how to find keywords for affiliate sites. Along those lines we’re gonna be taking a look at is terms that go with ultrarunning.

I’m hoping that’s not too specific and there’s searches for it. If it is to specific we’ll just go skip back to marathons and find some affiliate products for that and go over the process on how I find the terms.

So one of the things I like looking for first on these affiliate keywords is adding the qualifying term best. When someone wants to search an individual product they tend to add best to the front of it. So let’s say someone is searching for different trail running shoes. They might search best trail running shoes. Analyzing the search results, we should be able to find a few different sites and look at their keywords and come up with some ideas.

I’m going to search best trail running shoes and we’ll load up a few of these sites.

So this site has the best trail running shoes of 2019. Let’s see if this is affiliate or not. We open this up and look to see if it has affiliate links.

Looking at the webpage, it can be seen that the site is an affiliate. Let’s add the URL of the article to the site Explorer in Ahrefs.

So that article gets about 1,500 organic monthly visitors. So probably multiply that by three for its true value. The term best trail running shoes has eighteen keyword difficulty twelve thousand searches so it’s a pretty easy term actually to rank for surprisingly. And it gets a bunch of searches. 

Let’s look for some long tail keywords. If your site isn’t that strong yet or you want to go after some easier search terms. In this instance, adding the year qualifier to the search term results in a more difficult keyword with a lower amount of monthly searches.

I’m now going to take a look at the site in general to see if they have more articles or content based around ultra running. I’m going through here to find some other products that you might want to do keyword research based around. 

Going through the site, I’ll be able to find some more keywords based around hydration packs, running sunglasses and other accessories. 

From there I can repeat the process by finding long tail keywords or sticking with what has been found.

Once you find these keywords, go out and build some authoritative posts. Make a keyword map and write about everything that is possible.

That’s pretty much my process for finding affiliate keywords.

Check out the Youtube video down below for a more detailed explanation of the post.

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