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Our 3 Step Process guarantees to get your website ranked on page one of Google.

Your home begins with a solid foundation and so should your website.

We begin by auditing your website to better understand the sites structure. Our audit allows us to know exactly what underlining issues are holding your site back from its true potential.

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SEO and web design Audit

Phase 1

From here we start our process which is implementing and fixing any foundational issues we have found with the audit.  

Depending on what we find in the audit determines how long this process will take.

  • Audit your foundation
  •  Layout a Roadmap
  • To Google Standards


is where the magic starts to happen. 

Here we begin to hyper-analyze individual URL SEO problems taking analytical data, content data, layout data, and more. 

We figure out averages on what content quotas we need to hit in order to rank individual pages higher within Googles Search Engine. 

  • Data driven
  • Keyword research
  • Content pillars
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Phase 3

During this phase we begin to do individual keyword research based on your businesses niche that allows us to start building content clusters around these specific keywords. 

All of our services are White Hat SEO


white-hat SEO refers to optimization strategies, tactics and techniques that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines.

Basically we follow the rules kinda like the super hero’s but for the internet.

Our audit allows us to get under the hood of your website and find any underlining issues that could be holding your site back from being searched more often. 

This also allows us to see if your site even needs major work which can save you money. 

Each of our 3 Phases takes a month. This allows the work we do to your site to be indexed and processed through Googles system. Each Phase is anywhere from 10-20 hours of work.