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Why Get an SEO Consultation?

Many businesses don’t know how to make their websites work for them. But a highly-visible website that promotes a brand and shows up on Google’s first page of results is 90% more likely to get a click from a customer. 

If you are looking to build your first website, or you have an existing site that isn’t performing for you, then work with ZD Creative to get a full-service SEO consulting service that can help you develop the best SEO strategy for your business.


We research the latest news, trends, and data to best understand how Google

Why We are Las Vegas’s Best SEO Consulting Service

ZD Creative stays ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO strategy. The truth is that Google consistently improves and modifies search algorithms, which change what websites have to do to prove that they provide high-quality content-and why they should rank on the first page of search results. 

We research the latest news, trends, and data to best understand how Google (and other search engines, like Bing) read and rank websites. With this information, we can provide comprehensive SEO consulting for your business so that your site shows up for users, without compromising your brand. 

Most importantly, we are located in the heart of Las Vegas. We can help local businesses target local markets with specialized SEO consulting services that take their immediate needs in mind.

What is Included in SEO Consulting Services?

As a full-service SEO consulting firm, you get the following services:

  1. A full SEO audit of your existing site, OR an initial consultation regarding your brand, business, and online marketing goals. 
  2. Keyword research, including local SEO targeting.
  3. Keyword mapping and content strategy proposals.
  4. On-Page optimization (for existing sites) to correct any issues with headers, titles, metadata, and links.
  5. Web design suggestions built around proper SEO standards and proven user experience techniques. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between SEO Consulting and an SEO Audit?

We provide SEO audits for your existing website, and we use that audit as part of your overall strategy realignment. That is, we take your existing brand and assets and help you fit them into a new, ongoing strategy to improve what you already have. 

If you do not have a website, then of course there isn’t anything to audit. At this point, we would simply walk with you as consultants to propose content and SEO strategies that fit your goals and your business.

Why Does Google Change its Algorithms?

The short answer is that no one knows besides Google.

The long answer, and one that their search engine specialists articulate, is that they continually look for ways to serve better and more relevant content to their users. While a noble goal, this also means that they continually change the way that they define “useful” or “good” content, sometimes with disastrous results for individual websites. 

Our goal, should you work with us, is to ensure that your site is practicing good search engine optimization with proper White Hat SEO development… no tricks, no easy fixes, just great and relevant content. 

What is Keyword Mapping?

When we move forward with an SEO strategy for your website, we’ll develop a list of common and competitive keywords that your customers might use to search for your business on Google or Bing. We then develop a strategy of spreadings these keywords over several pages, including blogs, to increase the size of the “net” that you use to catch potential customers. This ensures that individual pages on your site don’t compete with one another while covering a wide spectrum of keywords and topic categories.