Now that you have completed your scan let's talk about what an SEO audit can do for you.

SEO Audit

Get your SEO audit today and get knowledge on your brand’s digital foundation.


What is Our SEO Audit Service, and Why Do you Need Them?

Businesses that show up on the first page of Search Engines crush it

They serve as a popular resource and perhaps most importantly, they have the foundation in place that shows Search Engines that this site is serious about ranking. 

By simply fixing bad code and content organization can trigger Search Engines to rank your site higher within days. 

It’s all about staying on top of what Search Engines expect out of a website.

and that is what we do best.

Our signature  SEO audit provides you with a comprehensive overview of what is going on with your website that can limit Search Engine rankings.

Whether it is bad code, poorly organized content, or unoptimized pages, we can find the problem and provide a solution, fast. 

  • Our unique 100-point checklist covers the most comprehensive list of potential SEO issues. 
  • We cover things like content strategies, unoptimized code, link building, keyword research, and metadata for a complete look at your digital foundation.
  • With a complete SEO site audit service checkup, you can see results in Google ranking almost immediately. 
  • We also provide a complete checklist of what our research shows Google wants in a site, and what needs to happen to get your website up to speed.


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SEO Website Audit FAQ

What Comes with the SEO Audit?

Our auditing service comes with a complete rundown of our 100-point checklist, which includes items like:

  • On Page SEO audit service (including content analysis, structural analysis, and SEO keyword audit),
  • Link analysis (inbound and outbound),
  • Metadata analysis (meta descriptions and titles, image “alt” labels), 
  • Code optimization analysis (page loading time, hidden content),

And more. You’ll also get a complete report breakdown in a spreadsheet that covers all our major points of analysis and how you ranked against our suggested metrics. 

How Long Does SEO Service Take?

A complete audit usually takes anywhere between 1-2 hours. This includes all of our basic competitive SEO audit service analytics and suggestions on how to improve your site.

How Much Does SEO Audit Service Cost?

Our SEO audit service is completely FREE for new customers.

Am I Required to Use ZD Creative SEO and Design Services After the Audit?

Not at all. We offer thee services to help show you the level at which we understand SEO, and demonstrate how we can help you and your website to get more traffic and more customers.