SEO Audit

Let’s figure out what is going on

The Audit

What our SEO Audit is and what it will do for you.

We have a 100 point SEO Audit check list that allows us to dig deep under the hood of your website to figure out whats holding your website back from gaining traffic.

Our Audit covers all of the important factors that Google has deemed necessary to rank well on their platform. 

Why only worry about google? Well, I’m glad you asked. Google is the most trusted Search Engine platform on planet earth and not to mention nearly 75%(and rising) of all searches are done on Googles’ platform. 


Our Audit process usually takes an hour to two hours.

No, you are not required to work with us after your audit is completed.

However, that would just be unfair to your website having some peasant do our majestic work. 

Our audit comes with a full break down of your site on a detailed spreadsheet that is easily explained and understood.

SEO Checklist

Questions? Call us at (025) 367 09878 M- F from 9-9

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  • Fixing what our Audit finds can produce more traffic by itself.
  • What's necessary for a site to run smoothly
  • 100 Point Check List
  • Figures out any foundational issues you may have
  • Allows us to find what areas to focus on first
  • what Google likes

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