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Table of Contents

Getting Customers in Your Seats and Your Limos on the Road

Long before the internet age, limo marketing was all about word-of-mouth and visibility. Billboards, signs and crafty slogans pointing towards the epitome of luxury travel. Or sleek fancy cars pulling up to the front door of the hottest spot in town, where a driver dressed to the nines opened the car door for a bigshot. If you could pull that off, your limo company was made.

Now, limo marketing has taken a very swift right-hand turn. Between ride-sharing services and the accessibility of the internet, competition is endless and fierce. To survive and thrive, limo companies need to adapt their marketing strategies.

Why Have a Marketing Plan for a Limo Company

If you have a question or need a service, where do you turn? That’s right. The Internet. There is a reason the cliche response to nearly any question is “Google it”.

The plight of limo companies is no different.

Essentially, the barrier to entry to a new limo company is purchasing a series of nice limos and hiring capable drivers. Unfortunately, without customers to fill those seats, a limo company will be short-lived. While drivers can certainly hit the limo stands at the airports, that will not net the kind of lucrative customers every limo company wants.

Online, effective limo marketing will get your company in front of exactly the sort of customers you want to court. So, when the upscale client turns to their smartphone to find a limo in a new city, the goal of any limo company should be to be the first result.

Think about it, how often have you gone to the second page of Google results for information? Hardly ever.

Limo Marketing Ideas

So how can a limo company effectively market their limos online?

Limo Web Design and Marketing

‘Content’ is a buzzword meaning any material that can be read from the internet, be it articles, blogs, lists, forum posts, etc. Content is the currency of any online marketing strategy, limo or otherwise. Websites without content receive very few visits, simply because there isn’t anything there for people to see or read.

To improve your limo company’s rank on Google, and get more visibility to your target clients, a wise strategy is to have website content that addresses questions people may have about limos, using the keywords a person may search with. This is one of the basic tenets of Search Engine Optimization, or, optimizing your website to appear more often in search results.  

Your content should seek to address general questions like: “Best limo service for bachelor parties”; or “Do I need a four-person limo?”; or “How many bags can I fit in the trunk of a limo?”

A robust limo marketing strategy will also include geographic questions such as: “best limo service in Houston area”; or “Limo service in South Florida”; or “Limo service to Broadway play.” To be effective, this content doesn’t even have to be very long or in-depth but should be crafted around the keywords a searcher would use.

Limo Marketing Content in Practice

Just imagine you are a customer who knows nothing about limo service but has, say, a bachelor party coming up. What would you, as the customer, want to know about planning a bachelor party with a limo?

What needs will this bachelor-party-planning customer have when it comes to their limo? Should they order a large limo? Should they order two limos? How many hours should their limo be booked for? What time of day will be best for their limo? Will their limo provide anything?

As the limo expert, you have the answers this customer needs and with a little thought, you will also know what words they will search for to arrive at these answers.

Only, this customer may not know they have these questions yet. They are just starting out with considering limos for bachelor parties. The more they research, the more questions they will have before eventually arriving at a point where they can comfortably order a limo that will satisfy their needs.

Now, this may seem strange. You, as the limo company, are trying to get people to hire your limos. Why would you be answering questions about how to plan a bachelor party? That, my friend, is the key to marketing a limo service with content and SEO.

By creating content that answers limo questions, using keywords the searcher would use, most of the readers that arrive at your page will be people looking for those answers. Generally speaking, the searcher who is researching hiring a limo for a bachelor party likely also needs a limo for a bachelor party! And your carefully crafted content is answering all the questions they didn’t even know they had, using keywords they haven’t discovered they even need yet.

As you answer their new questions, you can position your limos as the best solution and carefully control why your limos are the best solution. Provided your content is compelling, it is likely the customer will move towards the path of least resistance in solving their problem: your limos. A customer with a need is positioned where your limos can satisfy.

So, the more content a limo company produces that answers limo questions, the more readers will arrive looking for the answers to those questions. Each reader is a potential customer you otherwise may not have reached without solid content.

Promoting Your Limo Marketing Content

Along with having good content on your site, another key step in your limo marketing strategy is promoting that content.

But wait. You thought all you had to do was write the content and they would come? Partially.

Content will capture all the searchers who need to know about limos right now. All the people who are actively planning on hiring a limo may end up on your page looking for answers. But that doesn’t capture the entire limo-needing market. There is also the portion of searchers who will need a limo in the near future and just haven’t looked yet.

Let’s go back to the bachelor party planner. In that instance, that individual knows they have a bachelor party coming up, and they are fairly certain that party will need a limo. But the party isn’t for six months yet, so they are putting off their research until later.

So one day, that party planner is on Facebook and they see a blog post a friend shared titled “Best Limo for Bachelor Parties”. Now, knowing that they need to plan for a limo in the near future for their friend’s bachelor party, they decide to click the link and read the post. Just like that, your limos are positioned in front of a customer who needs a limo in the future.

To up the ante, maybe you crafted your bachelor party limo content to reinforce the idea that limos should be booked well in advance. Maybe that party planner suddenly feels anxiety that they may have waited too long to book their limo. To satisfy that anxiety, they may just book your limos.

To reach these customers of the future, a limo company can look towards paid advertisements, social media campaigns, and email campaigns. Each one of these options will be able to leverage your already-created content and get it in front of potential customers who may need your services in the near future.

Limo Marketing Experts

Limo Marketing Experts are like any other sort of marketing expert; their professional experience revolves around connecting businesses with customers who need that service. For limo companies, limo-specific marketers will be familiar with all the needs of a limo customer and can position your limo company to satisfy those needs.

For instance, a general marketer may not know the pros and cons of a sedan limo vs a stretch limo. They may not know how much luggage fits in which car, or which limo can travel a given city the best. Limo-specific marketers will.

Also worth considering are SEO experts. A primary point of this article is correctly choosing your keywords to best fit what a searcher may use. That selection extends past guesswork and SEO experts will have an entire host of tools specifically tailored to identify the exact keywords searchers are actually using to find out information on specific topics. Like limos.

Limo Marketing – A Holistic Approach

Limo marketing in the internet-age needs to be a holistic approach. The points mentioned here are just a few that will contribute to a robust marketing strategy. Each point fits a specific portion of the strategy, but all points need each other to work effectively. Content needs keywords, advertisements need content, and your successful business needs all of it.

When a person turns to the internet to find the limo that will take them to the airport, a wedding or that swanky new nightclub across town, make sure your limos are always at the top of the list.

Are you Ready to take your business to the top of search results?