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What is Local SEO Service?

When you launch a website for your business, you’re jumping into a huge, competitive pool where anyone and everyone in the world fights to show up on any and every relevant keyword search. This means that large enterprise-level companies and small mom-and-pop shops compete for the same visibility.

One way we narrow down your target market is through location-based SEO strategies. If you are a nightclub in Las Vegas, we can invest our expertise toward attracting Las Vegas customers. That means that you play in a more focused market area, with a better-defined target audience, and you get better results. 


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localized SEO strategy as part of our free SEO audit. 

Local SEO Service and a FREE SEO Audit

If you decide to work with us, we will include a breakdown of options for your localized SEO strategy as part of our free SEO audit. 

We provide a clear and straightforward strategy to help you develop region-specific SEO campaigns (including content development and web design). We can even offer strategies tailored for multiple regions, so you can promote franchise locations.  

What Does a Local SEO Service Provider Do?

Local SEO service companies will provide all of the same tools and techniques that any other SEO company provides. But (and this is big), they can do the research to understand what people in your target locations search for. 

As a provider of local SEO strategies, we use our knowledge of SEO marketing to refine your website so that it shows up for a specific clientele.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO helps differentiate you from a crowded market. It’s entirely possible to run national campaigns successfully… but you end up focusing your money and energy in places where you won’t get your money’s worth. By using keyword and content strategies focused on regions, you can stand out in your area more effectively with higher rankings when people search for your business in your specific area. 

How do Local SEO Service Providers Target my Area?

The simplest way is to pair competitive keywords with regional markers. For example, if your content strategy involves ranking for terms like “casino”, then our location-based strategy would include content that develops search results for terms like “casinos in Las Vegas” or “casinos in the Mirage”. 

We can break down strategies based on unique search results based on city, state, regional, and even street-level metrics. 

Do I need a Web Presence if My Customers are within a (10/15/25/20) Mile Radius?

Absolutely. While local advertising methods (print or broadcast TV and radio) are effective in drawing in customers, most Millenial’s and Generation Z users rely on their phones to find out about businesses. A responsive website, properly optimized for SEO, will provide the visibility you want with these potential customers.