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Our Web Strategy team finds the missing puzzle that is holding your business back from achieving the results you desire. 

Imagine the insane amount of traffic that your website will see when a proper web strategy is placed into action. It is the difference from being on page on of Google search results or not being seen at all.

Our one of a kind process lays out a roadmap tailored to your business to drive massive traffic to your site within 3 months or less.

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Making sure your foundation is solid

Your home begins with a solid foundation and so should your website.

We begin by auditing your website to better understand the sites structure. Our audit allows us to know exactly what underlining issues are holding your site back from its true potential.

From here we start Phase 1 of our process which is implementing and fixing any foundational issues we have found with the audit.

Phase 2 – is where the magic starts to happen. Here we begin to hyper analyze individual URL SEO problems taking analytical data, content data, layout data, and more. We figure out averages on what content quotas we need to hit in order to rank individual pages higher within Googles Search Engine.  

Phase 3 – During this phase we begin to do individual keyword research based on your businesses niche that allows us to start building content clusters around these specific keywords. 


Proper Web Design makes the difference

of having users want to stay on your site or leave within a few seconds.

Keeping your users attention and having an easily flowing site is just as important as a good SEO strategy. 

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